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Activities in Lebanon

Rafting in LebanonRafting: Strap in your life jacket and paddle with us on the raging Assi river waters, splashes of refreshing water, gorgeous nature, and a fun time with a guide's company of course. All for $55 with the raft ride, rafting gear, and instructor as well as lunch. Lets paddle!
Hot Air Ballooning in LebanonHot Air Ballooning: Wish you could be a bird hovering above everyone's head? Well now the hot air balloon thrill above Mzaar Resort has made it possible. Fly off, float off, whatever you wanna call it, you are on top! For just $125 a person. The more you are, the merrier, and the cheaper...a max of 4. Balloon away!
Paragliding in Lebanon Paragliding: Spread your wings above Jounieh's stupifying view, admire the city under you and the Mediterranean sea. Take off begins from a platform in Harisa, fly away for $125 a person, and of course the bigger the group, the less you pay. Lets fly!
Hiking in Lebanon Hiking: Hike through many mountain trails, and get familiar with splendid sites and ancient ruins along the way, discover what surprises each and every Lebanese town unfolds on your way to the highest summit. All for a great price and superb company! Lets do this!
Boat Cruise LebanonBoat Cruise: We can't all afford boats, but we can certainly afford a fun boat ride. Take off into the Mediterranean with a professional captain, tan,  fish, swim in the cleaner waters off the coast. Beach hopping will be super fun too. Its $150 a person. Sail away!
Water skiing in LebanonWater skiing: Walk on water, run and jump on water, slide, toss and flip. Whatever action you take you're on top of the world...well the marine world at least. For a $110 have a blast getting your skis wet! Ski away!
Sky walking in LebanonSky Walking: We love to defy the laws of gravity, we now do it in Beit Mery, through sky walking, on a bridge with stages far apart, giving you the feeling of walking on air. The journey will get tougher and funner! Suitable for all ages, however you must be taller than a 130cm. For $30, be a skyscraper! Walk on Air!
Biking in LebanonBiking: If you're into mountain biking, seize your chance! An awesome trip from Oyoun El Simen with a professional, for $50 a person! Pedal with us!
Lebanon SafariSafari Lebanon: Whats that? Safari? In Lebanon? Yes, intrigued? Well you know what, this adventurer-tastic activity will remain a surprise till you say you're in! I'm up for an adventure!
ATV in LebanonBaalbek on ATVc: Baalbeck city has more to offer than just the gorgeous Acropolis ruins.Join us on a trip to Baalbeck, enjoy culture and adventure on quads reaching the highest points in Baalbeck, its a once in a lifetime experience, well twice if you really liked it, hey three times is the max we go that's our final offer...maybe four. I'm in!