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Lebanon Hotels

Across the country, we've got you covered from the most inspiring rural accommodations, to the most popular hotels in Beirut

Chtaura Park

Chtaura Park is a five stars hotel located on the main highway of "Chtaura".




Massabki Hotel was built in 1920 in Chtoura, providing a cozy and traditional experience with its cozy environment, traditional yet



Damour Country Club

Damour Country Club is located south of Beirut, 800m after Beit El Din exit on the Damour Highway.



Mir Amin Palace

Located 45 km from Beirut, Mir Amin Palace Hotel offers 19th century splendor for the perfect escape away from the



Deir Al Oumara

Deir Al Oumara Hotel is located in the heart of Deir el Qamar in Chouf, it is situated a charming

Douma Hotel

Douma Hotel overlooks the picturesque village of Douma, a serene, historic village.

Urban Faqra

Urban Faqra is built on rocky terrain and far away from the chaos of the city

Ehden Country Club

Suspended at an altitude of 1,450 meters above the coast, halfway between heaven and earth, Ehden Country Club offers an



L’Auberge de Faqra

L’Auberge de Faqra is located in Faqra club in a tranquil mountain haven that’s easily accessible from the busy city.

Faraya Village Club

Perched at 1,400 meters above sea level and ideally located on the new Faraya-Faqra road at a 10 minutes’ drive



The Lodge Inn

The Lodge Inn Hotel is located in Faraya the Village, only 10 minutes far from the Mzaar resort. Suitable for



Lunasol Bungalows

Lunasol Bungalows is a peaceful venue located in Halat, Kartaba main road near Byblos. The amazing view of the ocean



Valley View

Unique in style, the Valley View Hotel welcomes you to a world designed to fulfill your needs with relaxation and



Iris Flower

Iris Flower Hotel, is located in Jezzine and is surrounded by beautiful green valleys and pine trees offering you the ultimate space to relax.

Blue Jay Valley

Blue Jay Valley is set up in the heart of Azour-Jezzine; hidden in a green valley decorated by pines, oaks and starry nights.




Located in Kaslik-Jounieh coast, northern of Beirut, is one of the largest and most unique holiday resorts in Lebanon. Covering